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The policy of journal

The professional collection is intended to cover current trends in special and inclusive education, scientific research and practical achievements of national and foreign researchers in the field of special pedagogy and psychology.

"Current issues of the correctional education (pedagogical sciences)" provides a platform for researchers and scholars to transfer and share knowledge in the form of high-quality empirical and theoretical research, focuses on multidimensional and interdisciplinary issues related to special pedagogy, education, didactics, psychology, technologies, innovations and social worlds in general, covering a wide range of topics, including but not limited to: experimental teaching, special education development, progressive methods of research and analysis, innovative leadership, human factors, the latest technologies, and technological progress. We build academic bridges between countries and continents, inviting researchers at all levels of academic careers who are equally subjected to rigorous internal review and double-blind external expert review.

The time schedule for the articles to be printed is:

The approximate time from submission to successful publication is 4-6 months.

The magazine is published twice a year.

We invite you to be a part of our global community, to contribute, to challenge, and to innovate for the benefit of our future society.